Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment is what we do – our core competency is transferring products quickly and accurately. Over the last century, we’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of resellers, gaining the experience and expertise to understand and solve manufacturers’ biggest supply chain challenges. With our background and know-how, we are uniquely positioned in the market to power a wide range of fulfillment models for our customers. Our scale and operational capabilities ensure products arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in the measure and mode you need it.

Partner with us for access to:

  • Supply chain experts that will help design a solution to address your supply chain goals
  • A world-class distribution network of facilities and resellers to scale up or down as needed
  • Operational excellence to deliver product quickly and accurately like no one else can

ADOT – Automated Distributor Order Transfer

ADOT is your facility network to expand inventory availability.

It is a solution that expedites and simplifies your ordering process—and you don’t have to do anything differently to set its power in motion. Simply place your order as you always have. If your home facility does not have sufficient stock, ADOT will automatically search multiple warehouses within your facility network (in sequence, as customized by you) to fulfill your order—at no additional cost.

Key ADOT Functionality

  • Ties your access to inventory to multiple warehouses within your facility network, instead of being limited to just your home facility
  • Automatically transfers inventory to support your order
  • Customizes your ADOT configuration within your facility network to fit your needs

Benefits of ADOT

  • Shipping is free (with fuel surcharge) on orders greater than $1,250
  • Backorders are reduced, as you now have access to more inventory in more facilities
  • Fill rates increase, allowing you to serve customers better

Mimimize Cost, Maximize Brand Impressions

Essendant offers two services to increase brand awareness during order fulfillment. With these services, your customers will see your logo no matter how the order is delivered. It will be your company information that the customer sees first as they receive their shipment.

Service 1: Custom Labeling

With Essendant’s Custom Labeling services, your brand and company information is highlighted on all paperwork. Essendant can customize the packing slips and invoices with your logo and address. Your shipments will leave our facility with your information front and center.

Service 2: Outside The Box Branding

Outside the Box is a state-of-the-art carton branding program. Your brand logo will be applied to your boxes of consolidated products as the order is being fulfilled. Compete with national retailers by prominently placing your branding on packaging, so when your customers think of business products, they think of you.

Anything you need, shipped direct

Expand your geographical reach. Expand your category assortment.

Fulfill orders regionally or nationally while utilizing Essendant’s full product assortment with Essendant Drop Ship service. Drop Ship provides a total order fulfillment partnership where orders are directly shipped to the customer. Now, you can easily deliver orders to your customers who have locations anywhere in the US with no operational or inventory investment.

Provides a total order fulfillment partnership

  • Ship straight from the closest Essendant facility to the customer
  • Essendant contracts with third party delivery partners (UPS, USPS, Fed EX, etc)
  • Freight plans are available, so you can calculate costs when a customer places an order
  • No minimum order requirements

Supports a stockless strategy

  • Reduce your inventory overhead, while increasing profitability
  • Expand into new categories with no inventory investment
  • Fulfill items that you offer on your website, but don’t stock in your warehouse

By pairing Drop Ship with Outside The Box Branding and Custom Labeling, your deliveries will have your branding and information, nothing about Essendant. The order will start and end with you, leaving you top of mind with your customer.

We Deliver 24/7, Even If You Are Not

With Essendant’s Key Drop program, our delivery drivers can deliver your shipments overnight, so you have everything you need before you get in. The Essendant delivery drivers are insured and bonded for your confidence. Essendant’s Customer Care team is available for any delivery issues.

Key Drop allows you to:

  • Service your customer quicker
  • Reduce inventory – Get in overnight and can send out right away next morning
  • Expand categories – Add products with less processing into inventory
  • Free up dock space

Delivery Ready Orders

Reduce costs in operational handling and inventory investments with delivery ready orders.

The Wrap and Label program eliminates the need to break down bulk shipments by allowing you to bypass inventory. You can receive a shipment that has the orders grouped together in a way that allows you to take deliveries directly to your delivery vehicles.

With relying less on your stocked inventory, you can expand into new categories to focus on your growth.

How Wrap & Label Works:

Once the Essendant facility packages an end user order, it will get grouped by a distinction that is mutually agreed upon. You can group orders by customer or truck route — whatever way aligns best to your operations!