Empower Central

Empower Central is an online self-serve order management tool with a variety of features to streamline the buying process.

Empower Central makes it simple to complete your orders by providing everything you need to know about product details, order entry, returns, order tracking and purchase history.

Main Features of Empower
  • Order Entry Tools: Easily place orders by quickly getting the product you want into the shopping cart.
  • Product Content
  • Search Capabilities
  • Shopping List
  • Purchase History: Visibility of products purchased in the past.
  • Order Management: Review order tracking information and manage complete transactions.
  • Stock Check: Confirm product availability and pricing for all facility locations.
  • Suggested Replacements: Compare similar items across brands and value.
Screenshot of Empower Central homepage

Solutions Central

Solutions Central is an information and education hub for Essendant’s reseller community.

Screenshot of Solutions Central homepage

It includes useful resources for your entire company, including your sales force, customer care team, marketing team, operations team, and financial team.

Turn to Solutions Central as your source for:
  • Information of Essendant’s Operational, Business, Marketing and Digital services
  • Educational information and sales tools for each of the main product categories and Essendant’s private brands
  • Guidance on the different customer verticals
  • Access to all Essendant and supplier rebates
  • Access to the applications you need to buy products, get pricing, create custom marketing materials, and more!

Item Content & Pricing System (ICAPS)

Pricing, Perfected. Protect your profits! Prevent margin erosion!

ICAPS provides pricing and content reports that enable you to manage your pricing in real time and keep up-to-date on the latest changes to product information.

Types of product information provided:
  • Pricing
  • Operational content (product specifications)
Quickly respond to today’s unpredictable manufacturer cost changes, so you can:
  • Update selling prices with the market
  • Determine better buying decisions
  • Keep customers satisfied
Keeps you up-to-date with product information changes, such as:
  • New or deleted items, stock number, unit of measure, country of origin, etc.
  • Future pricing (2 weeks prior to the upcoming month)
  • Comparison between files to easily identify changes in content
Screenshot of iCaps report builder


Market Xpert, a game-changing tool for competitive contract bids, places powerful insight and competitive pricing at your fingertips, so you can win business without losing profitability. You can:

  • Cross-reference competitor product pricing
  • Craft smarter, faster contract bids
  • Seamlessly integrate pricing strategy with your ecommerce system
Get informed and get competitive when you:
  • Price a single item against multiple competitors
  • Compare competitive pricing on up to 64,000 items at once
  • See retail and contract prices for national competitor’s entire portfolio
  • See local and state government contracts
  • See strategic pricing across your entire portfolio and ecommerce system


Your resource for all of Essendant’s product assortments to see what is available for you to merchandise.

Biggestbook.com Displays up-to-date product content, such as information, images and videos.

Biggestbook.com demonstrates Essendant’s Marketing & Digital services:
  • Product Content
  • Smart Search
  • Premium Relationships
  • Product Recommendations
  • Ratings & Reviews
Screenshot of BiggestBook product page