For online resellers, search is an integral part of the ecommerce experience. Leading online retailers have set a standard that customers now expect from all their online shopping experiences with website searches that produce fast, relevant product results based on how easily a user can navigate your website.

Smart Search Overview

The best search tools give customers relevant, organic results with defined areas for marketing and merchandising content. They also include functions such as predictive text, type correction, and search refinement.

How We Can Help

Smart Search is a dynamic engine for finding relevant results. It is powered by SOLR guided search. It’s a comprehensive and customizable solution backed by our deep knowledge of customer needs, the language they use to search, and our ongoing development support.

  • Type Ahead prompts help customers find what they need faster
  • Auto Correction recognizes errors and suggests more likely search terms
  • Search Refinement helps customers narrow their results
  • Optimized Content gives the in-depth information customers are after
  • Merchandising pairs searches with relevant, complementary products
  • Item Comparison enables customers to evaluate products side by side
  • Reseller Controls help you prioritize items and brands to match your needs
  • Tags add a visual cue to product images that indicate additional information such as a rebate or promotion

A Higher Standard of Search

Smart Search, its content and its features are made to work seamlessly with your existing website and product mix to make it easier for you to offer more to your customers. Smart Search is:

  • Designed specifically for you, easily integrating into your site’s look and feel
  • Controlled by you, aligning to your needs and desired product mix
  • At work for you, allowing you to prioritize products within relevant results