Content is the foundation of selling online — a crucial mix of product benefits, industry expertise and user generated content that guides customers through purchasing decisions.

Because of the role it plays in the online sales process, content that is optimized for our industry enhances your site’s user experience and, in turn, enhances trust, loyalty and ultimately, conversions. By “optimized content,” we’re referring to the quality of content that shoppers are expecting — content that is easily searchable, relevant to their business needs, and rich with details to inform the sales process. This is the information and organization that you need to turn browsers into buyers.

Essendant ECDB

Watch the video below to see how Essendant’s product content helped one reseller improve business processes and customer satisfaction.

Improved Access to Information

Essendant’s Product Content populates your website with a variety of product content, including product information, images, videos, logos, customer reviews and more.


  • Expand into new product categories with minimal investment
  • Category management for an organized and relevant structure

Adding categories to the website has helped increase purchases for items that normally go towards competitors. It also provides an additional resource for sales reps and customer service when referencing newer categories.

Key Features

    • Delivered through the Electronic Content Database (ECDB) or Smart Search
    • Product content for ~60,000 SKUs across seven product categories
    • Combine Essendant content with other items to easily present assortments from multiple vendors
    • Ratings & Reviews: Populate your website with real feedback from other end users – we have over 1.3 million customer reviews across Essendant’s top product categories
    • Average star rating displayed on search results page and product detail pages
    • Written reviews from end users visible on product detail pages
    • Admin tools to easily grow and manage your ratings and reviews
    • Solicit user feedback with Ratings and Reviews Auto Response Email program

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