Arm your sales team with print tools that are professional and showcase your product assortment. Printed leave behinds are a key part of any marketing mix. Essendant offers pre-designed flyers and catalogs that bring your brand to life and showcase your product offering.


Power your business growth with a portfolio of comprehensive and specialty catalogs. Choose from Essendant’s selection of core and specialty catalogs to get the right books for your marketing needs. Customize catalogs to make them your own by adding your branding.


Essendant offers a variety of flyer options to compliment online and in-the-field activities. Your sales force never has to show up emptyhanded again!

Promotional flyers

Monthly promotional flyers that are targeted to office buyers that feature relevant themes and instant savings on a variety of products across key categories. These flyers are deigned to work with Essendant’s email programs to create an omnichannel experience.

Flyers for new product

Quarterly flyers that showcases the latest, new and innovative products with options for cross-category or JanSan focused merchandise.