User experience and personalization drive marketing success. Creating a great customer experience through your website is crucial to customer satisfaction and retention. Customers expect an experience that allows them to interact with suppliers confidently and conveniently.

Personalization allows you to cut through the clutter and drive growth. Customers respond less to mass marketed messages in favor of highly relevant and timely marketing content that is delivered when they are most receptive and ready to act.

Essendant develops marketing solutions for what the B2B buyer wants – a seamless buying experience that is highly-personalized. We also make it easy for resellers to adopt our services:

  • Integrated with the top third-party e-commerce providers in the industry
  • Provides control to market the brands and products Resellers want
  • Put your brand front and center

Powerful services across the digital landscape to drive ecommerce sales.

Product Content

Essendant’s Product Content populates your website with the information and organization that you need to turn your browsers into buyers: product information, images, videos, logos, categorization and more.

Search and Navigation

A higher standard of search. For online resellers, search is an integral part of the ecommerce experience. Top online retailers have set a standard that customers now expect from all their online shopping experiences that includes an easy to use website that produces fast, relevant results.

Essendant’s Smart Search is a sophisticated engine that powers your website’s search capabilities through a comprehensive and customizable solution, backed by our deep knowledge of customer needs, the language they use to search, and our ongoing development support. Smart Search gives shoppers relevant, organic results with defined areas for marketing and merchandising content. It also includes functions such as predictive text, type correction, search refinement and product tagging.

Smart Search, its content, and its features are made to work seamlessly with your existing website and product mix to make it easier for you to offer more to your customers. Smart Search is:

  • Designed specifically for you, easily integrating into your site’s look and feel
  • Controlled by you, aligning to your needs and desired product mix
  • At work for you, allowing you to prioritize products within relevant results

Digital Merchandising

Turn your website into a digital sales team with Essendant’s digital merchandising solutions. These ecommerce solutions increase average order value by showing customers additional products that are relevant to their browsing behaviors.

Premium Relationships

Provides product recommendations from category experts on the product detail pages of your website. Premium Relationships make sure users are buying the complete solution by showing products that are needed to get the job done.

Personalized Marketing Zones

Provide shoppers product suggestions and marketing content throughout their shopping experience, from the home page to cart page. This service has been designed dynamically – allowing each shopper to see content that is relevant to how they are shopping in that session. The system learns more about the user continually to delight customers and make sure they can find the products they are searching for.

Ratings & Reviews

Product ratings and reviews provides your website with real feedback from real end users.  This user generated content is often viewed as more credible than product content provided by suppliers.  Shoppers now look to this content to answer a variety of questions to get them from the consideration stage to the purchasing stage.

Once Ratings and Reviews is activated on your website, you will gain access to a volume of reviews from a variety of brands. Through our partnership with Bazaarvoice and Power Reviews, you will gain instant access to millions of reviews across hundreds of categories and brands.

Email Marketing

Email is a necessary part of engaging customers and driving traffic to your ecommerce website.  Essendant offers two different email systems, based on your resource and technical capabilities.  Within those systems, you can take advantage of promotional and behavioral automated email campaigns, which are pre-built and tested for immediate success.