Merchandising is an invaluable way to increase your average order size.

In ecommerce, this means having designated promotional areas on your site that feed recommendations and promotions to shoppers and boost your conversion rates. For your site’s merchandising to be its most effective, it should be informed by how your customers shop and what they shop for.

Our exclusive merchandising solutions combine product knowledge, customer analytics and our deep industry expertise, allowing you to present your customers with timely, relevant and persuasive recommendations wherever they’re shopping on your site. These promotions and offers are displayed strategically, based on search keywords and our detailed understanding of how products work together.

Curated merchandising appears on your site as:

  • Premium Relationships: Recommendations developed by product experts that are displayed along with content being browsed. These related products are recommended in four categories, including product accessories, related supplies, companion products, and other products from the same product family. Currently included with your ECDB 2.0 or Smart Search services.
  • Product Recommendations: Helps you target the right people with the right products. Product suggestions, driven by customer purchasing data, appear on your site and suggest items regularly purchased together as well as items from top selling product categories. This service encourages larger order sizes and creates a more personalized online shopping experience.
  • Also Consider: Provides highlighted product suggestions, triggered by user navigation and search terms, that display on result pages to help drive larger order sizes and a better user experience.

Premium Relationships Overview

Product Recommendations Overview

Merchandising that does more

These merchandising tools incorporate the latest technology, product, and consumer expertise that can provide immediate benefits that allow you to:

  • Increase your online conversion rates
  • Raise your average order value
  • Drive up your overall online sales
  • Transform your customer experience