Digital Analytics

As shoppers’ behavior continues to evolve, it becomes more and more important to study the performance of your ecommerce site and your digital marketing strategy. Essendant’s analytics tools will help you gain the insights you need to continually improve your customer experience online and maximize ecommerce sales.

Our Digital Analytics program is tailored for our market using the industry-leading technology. It lets you drill deeper into your web usage data to ask more insightful questions. Essendant’s industry experts will help you measure, interpret, and transform your data into business-enhancing insights.

  • Gain detailed insights about how customers are reacting to your ecommerce and digital marketing
  • Customize the data measurement and interpretation of your business goals
  • Make decisions with industry-specific analysis support
  • Navigate dashboards and reports easily using our intuitive interface
  • Automate other key customer interactions using Essendant services such as Abandoned Cart Emails

Digital Analytics Overview

Insights Made Easy

Digital Analytics takes the challenge out of sifting through data and analysis so you can focus on making better decisions that can directly improve your ecommerce and your online sales.

  • Increase order values, conversions, and the effectiveness of your digital marketing by leveraging analytical insights to transform your customer experience
  • Improve your navigation, merchandising, and overall shopping experience by identifying patterns, relationships, and other insights
  • Supervise, A/B test and adjust your digital marketing to send emails and promotions that are more attractive and engaging, and lead to conversions that maximize your ROI