Marketing is complex, technical and ever-changing. Essendant is the partner to support independent resellers in the execution and advancement of marketing through our investment in expertise and technology.

Marketing is an essential function in any business to support customer acquisition, retention, and growth. Marketing success requires an in-depth understanding of the customer accompanied with a customer experience that supports the desire to buy confidently and conveniently.

Today’s most successful marketing strategies are relevant and timely based on customer shopping and buyer behaviors data.  By connecting your customer data with the right marketing technologies, you can create greater efficiencies through marketing automation.

When developing a solution for independent resellers, Essendant understands a one size fits all solution does not work.  Independence is the heart of how you operate and Essendant strives to offer a flexible solution to meet your needs.

Essendant understands your target market, the B2B customer and has strategies to provide an experience that allows them to buy confidently and conveniently.

  • We have insights and analytics teams that conduct market research, review primary research, and analyze data on customer shopping and buying behaviors.
  • At the heart of a confident buying experience is great content.  With our internal team of content experts, technology (PIM, DAM) and processes we create world class content and continue to add new content and refresh.
  • Through our understanding of the buyer journey we partner with third party technology providers to develop products to enhance their front-end systems to reduce friction in the buying process and get customers to buy.

Essendant’s Marketing & Digital Services provides the team, technology, and process to support your marketing efforts with confidence and ease.

  • Team: We are an 80-person team of experts in e-commerce, content, technology, digital and print marketing, creative design, data science and insights.
  • Technology: We partner with all the major third-party technology providers in our industry to make investments in new technologies to offer you efficiencies of scale, while still preserving the flexibility to operate your own way
  • Process: Bigger teams and more technology require greater collaboration, integration, and organization to make it all work well together

Day in the Life

Watch a video that shows how the Marketing & Digital Services interact with your end user.

How it all Works

Services Overview

Watch the video to learn how the Marketing & Digital Services can:

  • Increase selling efficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase value to customers

Product Content

Easily populate your website with professional product content you need to capture online sales.

Search & Navigation

Adapt the functionality of your website’s search and navigation (refinement) to help visitors find products faster.

Digital Merchandising

Merchandising is an invaluable way to increase your average order size. Our exclusive merchandising solutions combine product knowledge, customer analytics and our deep industry expertise to deliver timely, relevant and persuasive recommendations wherever customers are shopping on your site.

Analysis & Optimization

As shopper behavior continues to evolve, it becomes more and more important to study the performance of your ecommerce site. Essendant’s analytics tools will help you understand your customer’s online shopping behaviors to make informed strategic decisions.

Email Services

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels to drive traffic to your website. If you are not actively emailing your customers, you can bet that your competition is.

Print Marketing

In our increasingly digital world, print collateral remains an important part of the marketing mix. It also serves as a helpful tool for your sales team to extend your online communication offline.