The Essendant Charitable Foundation is committed to empowering our associates as leaders to make a meaningful difference in their communities. The Foundation connects our associates and business partners with charitable activities that address unmet human needs locally, nationally, and internationally.

Essendant Charitable Foundation addresses critical human need.
Our work falls into the following key areas:

Disaster Response

The Foundation was created in response to Hurricane Katrina, and disaster response has stayed a core component of our work. We identify local partners serving the long-term recovery efforts in situations including wildfires, flooding, tornados, and earthquakes.

Associate Care Fund

The Essendant Associate Care Fund provides short-term emergency financial support to associates who are facing financial hardship as a result of certain unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances and who are unable to afford housing, utilities and other basic living expenses. Qualifying situations can include a natural disaster, serious illness or injury, or catastrophic event.

Global Giving

Each year, Essendant Charitable Foundation partners with global giving organizations that bring people and communities together, build hope and homes, and give the gift of mobility. Through a week-long service and learning trip for a small team of associates, we tell the stories of the people we meet and their challenges and successes to raise awareness of global giving and bridge humanity through shared experiences. Past teams have visited Peru, Nicaragua, Zambia, Rwanda, Armenia, Dominican Republic, and Vietnam.

Backpacks for Kids

Each year the Foundation and our partners provide tens of thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies to children across the country so they come to school ready to learn. We welcome our associates, business partners and community leaders to join us in this venture by sponsoring a student, a classroom or a school for $14 per student.

City of Hope

The National Business Products Industry has been a steadfast supporter of City of Hope for more than three decades. During this time, the industry has raised more than $155 million supporting City of Hope’s lifesaving mission of finding the cures to cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses. Essendant and Essendant Charitable Foundation have proudly supported City of Hope through associate donations and special events.

Local Impact

Our mission and work is managed in cooperation with local associate-led councils across the country. Each Council is responsible for planning programming and grant making utilizing the funds donated by associates through voluntary payroll deduction and additional fundraisers. Councils donate to hundreds of organizations each year addressing important causes such as food insecurity, housing, education, military families, and medical research.