Weaving diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our company culture helps Essendant grow as a high-performance organization with a purpose and differentiates us as an employer and business partner of choice.

At Essendant, we strive to use the diversity of our associates, such as race, gender, communications styles, age, sexual orientation and religious beliefs to build an inclusive culture that engages all associates and leverages their diverse experiences and ideas. We are committed to the belief that our stance on diversity will enable Essendant to become a high-performance organization while attracting, engaging and retaining talented associates.

Furthermore, we hold ourselves accountable for creating an inclusive culture that will nurture the different perspectives that spark creativity and innovation, tap into new markets, drive continuous improvement, and address more fully the needs of our diverse customers, suppliers, and communities in which we operate.

Associate Network Groups

Associate Network Groups (ANGs) are an important part of the Essendant culture because they energize associates around common identities, such as racial or ethnic groups, working moms, service veterans, etc, and provide the opportunity for them to stay engaged, develop their unique abilities, and remain productive and energized members of the Essendant team.

Current ANGs Include:

  • Women in Business
  • Young Professionals Group

Supplier and Customer Diversity

Essendant is committed to enabling the growth of our diverse partners (resellers & suppliers) by providing innovative solutions that align to the needs of the marketplace. We recognize diversity as integral to our organization’s success and align with meeting the needs of a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Our Diversity Council

Essendant’s Diversity Council is comprised of a cross-functional team of associates sponsored by senior management. Council members map out the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy within sub-teams that are focused on Awareness, Customer & Supplier Diversity, Training, and Workforce. We strive to foster understanding, celebration and appreciation of both the differences and similarities of our associates by sponsoring outside speakers on diverse topics, producing a quarterly newsletter, and celebrating federally-recognized heritage months.